QBittorrent Is Offering Some Neat Features

qbt_logo3QBittorrent is a fairly brand-new torrent client that plans to provide a real option amongst the most preferred software of its kind like Vuze, ChilliTorrent or Bitcomet. One of the greatest aspects to confirm is the fact that the creaters of qBittorrent do not just give guarantees and nice talk but really have determined to actually build a regimen around an examined strategy.
While comparing qBittorrent to ChilliTorrent, there are no big difference besides the fact that qBittorrent has been in development for six years already next to ChilliTorrent’s one year of existence. Both programs are produced after the Qt4 toolkit and likewise there is libtorrent-rasterbar used to make them work as they do. QBittorrent is founded by Christophe Dumez who is still taking care of the updates regarding this app.

Unlike several comparable application choices, qBittorrent has a reliable search function that utilizes huge on-line engines to typically discover whatever there are readily available on the net. Simply open up the interface and kindly put in the phrase that best describes your search, sit back and watch the system finding you a lengthy listing of all the various options for one to choose from instantaneously. People could possibly define the default location for downloads, to preallocate area for all information, to set up a directory website for inadequate data, and to tweak ports utilized by the app.

So now we know how great qBittorrent is, but still some might now be totally aware of where to use such application. Well, basically there are lots of torrent websites like Kickasstorrents, Torrenthound, Sumotorrent to name a few. People have usually chosen one of those as their favorite source for torrents. On the whole they are all the same, as offer a search feature and a torrent tracker to find data files from other users to download these items. Now after finding yourself some suitable torrent site, let’s take Kickasstorrents here, you will need such program like qBittorrent in order to connect to other users using the peer-to-peer protocol network. QBittorrent is designed to put small torrent pieces together and save a file from the Kickasstorrents list to one’s hard drive. Also people who have downloaded something should keep them active in the program interface to share these items among other users who also want to get those. And that is how this circle of sharing works.

Kickasstorrents is not yet prepared to be used without a specific torrent client, but noone knows for sure that it would not be included in the nearest future. As movie industries fight back against online sharing, founders of torrent sites need to be always on their toes to submit any change or update whenever it is needed. As users of Kickasstorrents remember how its main domain was taken away by authorities last summer. The website is back up now of course from another domain name, but such things occur in the online file-sharing world. While there is nothing illegal in sending data to others, these industries are afraid to lose their revenue as a result.

Coming back to qBittorrent and its features, one has to install this software to hard disk, open and try it, to determine whether this is the right program for him or not. As we mentioned above, there are many alternatives, this is why the market is pretty wide-opened and lots of choices come in everyday.