Torrents Searching and Downloading Made Easy With the Extratorrent Toolbar

You might have always needed to use the common search engines for getting the torrents you wish to download. Besides, if you have been using torrent for quite some time, then you might have faced problems in finding out the most appropriate file in the global Internet base that has millions and billions of such torrent entries.


Hence, the developers of the Extratorrent toolbar felt the need for an efficient way to improve the search options and downloading. Finally, they came up with this toolbar for Internet Explorer, which you can very easily use to avail the torrent files you have been looking for. Here are a few aspects of this web browser extension that make searching and downloading (extra torrent) files easy from the enormous internet.

Availing the Program

It’s a small file of around 1 MB in size that you can easily found on the web. It’s an open source tool, and so you can effortlessly download and start using it for free. Like any other software, even this can be installed in few easy steps. However, the setup installation is very clean, and it won’t trouble you with adding a pop-up blocker, any kind of e-mail checker, or any other such unnecessary functions.

Once the installation is complete, you will see three pull-down menus along with a search engine, as a new toolbar in your Internet Explorer. Now, you are ready to search for any torrent file you want on the Internet. You yourself will realize that the tool makes the searches much more efficient, as this application excels in finding the torrent files that the users look for.

Operating the Extratorrent Toolbar

The developers have made the Extratorrent toolbar as simple and user-friendly as possible. It’s quite similar to any other search engine that can readily provide you the relevant torrents results. You just need to enter a search term for the torrent you want to download, and then pick any specific category or you can even choose “All” option. Once done, you just need to press the search button, and in matter of seconds you will get all possible results.

Doesn’t that sound really simple? In case it doesn’t, you also have the pull-down menus that have the most popular or latest torrents in various categories. Hence, you can just scroll down the menus to search for torrents from movies, software, music, games, books, pictures etc.

Now, once you have got the relevant results, then you would need to wait for few seconds for the download to start. Since, it’s a free service, there are delays for seconds during which there can be banner ads, etc.

For all you Internet Explorer users, who have been looking for a good torrent search tool, this toolbar can be the best option. Easy installation, simple operation, and the latest torrents, it has in-fact everything that all you, torrent users look for. Hence, download it today, and start searching for what you want without breaking your head too much.